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Honeymoon Rose

(I had originally posted this last week, but for some strange reason, it did not post, so I am re-writing it, with hopes it is at least half as good as the first one. Be nice followers and readers)

Love – can you define it? Can you really understand what it is and when you are in love? Studies say you don’t fall in love with someone until about 4-6 months after dating (*side-note*I love studies, haha some of them are just such a crock of bs and you wonder how these studies are conducted – more on that in another blog I think.. moving on). Before then it’s just lust or infatuation. Which makes sense because that is also considered the honeymoon stage – after that comes the sweatpants, no makes up, burps, farts and our ‘true-lovable-selves’.

That being said – This whole Bachelor/Bachelorette thing. It is so unrealistic. I have only ever watched 3 maybe 4 episodes of the entire Series. Most recently this latest Canada’s bachelor episode (the final one)

I often make fun of or get annoyed with little teenagers (and some early 20 years olds) about how they are so ‘in love’ when they have only been dating for a couple weeks (sometimes days)  they are not in love. Now we have grown, mature adults, that should know better – IT’S NOT LOVE. You have only been with the guy/girl for approximately 2 months.

Let’s add in the fact that they are going on DREAM DATES planned out so well, and so perfectly for adventures, good times, & entertainment. No awkward ‘So dinner and movie again tonight babe?’

Now add in the fact that he/she has also been with other suitors for the last 2 months as well.

lastly, add in that they are also ‘falling in love’ with those other suitors.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you are truly in love with someone – you can’t be in love with someone else. It’s not true, it’s not real, it’s not fair. I am truly and deeply in love with my boyfriend (we have been together for over a year, so it’s legit y’all) and the thought of being with someone else, or in love with someone else, it’s not possible in my mind. I couldn’t imagine kissing someone else, having sex, poking fun of, laughing, wearing my sweatpants, and all the other joys of being in a relationship – doing that with someone else. I don’t want to. Plus, I have been cheated on in the past and I could never make someone I love feel that way. It hurts. It hurts bad.

Yes – I know there are Polygamists out there who believe you can love and marry more than one person – to each their own. But I HIGHLY doubt, and I am willing to bet, all those Bachelors/Bachelorettes – are not Polygamists. Therefore, my point stands 🙂

So, this whole honeymoon stage that all these suitors are in. Most times everyone just seems so perfect. They find the most attractive men and women for this show – which makes you wonder why they are single if they are so darn good looking and seemingly perfect, and of course the 1 starring in the show is a millionaire. That being said (and this goes for the show Millionaire Matchmaker as well) most times the Millionaire Bachelor/Bachelorette can’t find love because they keep finding people who are trying to use them or love their money/fame. Well gosh darn-it – lets help these poor folks out and create a show of perfection where they can find their one true love on NATIONAL TELEVISION. This will for sure attract only the most suitable candidates who are not at all looking for their 10 minutes of fame *cough Whitney cough*. Not a single person applying to be hooked up with a millionaire will be a gold digger or fame seeking whore *cough* Whitney *Cough*   ………. No wonder they are millionaires – they are geniuses.

I know these are huge shows, and I will probably get a lot of hate for bashing it. Well, it’s my opinion. I don’t enjoy those shows because of the unrealistic nature of them and the way woman are crazy on the show and make us all seem crazy (and I can say this because apparently Canadians now know how Italians felt when Jersey Shore came out and they were representing Italians and the culture… embarrassing). I don’t enjoy watching catty women and men, and drama. I never got into any of those shows, Big Brother, Bachelor Pad, The Real Housewives (tell me what exactly is ‘real’ about them?) and so on. I did enjoy The Hills somewhat when Lauren Conrad was on it, because I enjoyed watching her career blossom .. i would just fast forward through Heidi and Spencer (which was funny because by the end of it I didn’t know who the big boobed, big lipped, plastic thing was – apparently it was Heidi).

Oh Reality Shows. It seems like that is all there is.

I really do hope all those attractive boys and girls find love the real way soon.


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Just an artistic girl expressing life's conundrums and experiences, which hopefully causes one to laugh, think or smile :)

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