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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed every moment with friends and family. All the best through the holiday season. Prayers to those who have lost a loved one at this time and anyone suffering in anyway


If only I could offer more …

First and foremost, before I blog about this;

My deepest sympathy goes towards all the families and friends who were so terribly involved with the shootings in Newtown. Words just cannot express how horrible this tragedy was and I truly hope, pray, wish whatever … that the families and friends are able to find strength in their loved ones and find peace in their hearts. I really wish there was something I could do. If anyone reading this knows someone who was unfortunate to lose a loved one – my heart, prays, thoughts are with you.

There is a big Hoax out right now about a quote from Morgan Freeman (please note, it was not said by Morgan Freeman, nor do I know who said it) But the thing is, they said it pretty darn well. My co-worker and I were having that exact conversation about how the media glorifies the villain. It is true. The media makes such a big deal about the person who did it – huge catchy headlines fill our news reports and papers. They even get nicknames and become ‘famous’. Someone who is mentally unstable and so upset enough to do such heinous crimes, usually struggles with the feeling of not being loved/unwanted/unrecognized so why not make yourself known. There are always copycats or someone trying to out do someone else. Here in Canada we recently had a man dismember someone else. After that there were 3 (that I heard of) dismemberment’s.

Tragedies will always happen. It’s an unfortunate reality in our world. Stop glorifying it. Stop making the villain to be someone to remember. Remember the children. Focus on that and pay no attention to the person who does it. THEY DON’T DESERVE our attention. Mental state or not. I am not saying hate them or ignore the sadness that it brought to their family. Because even the villains have loved ones too that have to deal with the fact that their loved one did such a crime and died as well (in some cases died)

The problem isn’t necessarily gun control. Yes, I am sure if there were stricter laws that most incidents wouldn’t happen or be quite severe. But it’s still the person. The mental state they are in when it happens. Focus on Mental Health Issues, focus on security, focus on not glorifying the villains.

Lack of gun control wasn’t the reason behind the stabbings in China the exact same day as the shootings in Newtown. Anyone hear about that? No, it wasn’t blasted all over the news quite like the happenings in Newtown. But a man stabbed almost 20 children there. I don’t know the details of the story so do not quote me on my facts. I do not know if anyone died. I hope everyone is OK.

I could blog for a long time about this tragedy. I wish I could say a lot. But words just cannot explain what I am feeling, what the world is feeling and most importantly – what the families and friends that are feeling during this time.

Focus on the victims. Remember them.

Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to every family member and friends of the ones that were lost on Friday. Remember the amazing time you had with them and all the smiles they brought to you. Find it in your heart, your friends and family the strength that you CAN and WILL make it through this hard time. The whole world is behind you

Tis the Season …. to be sick

Been a while since I have been on here. Getting busy!! That and I have been sick. Always around this time eh? Who else is sick?

I had what my doctor thought was Strep throat, but wound up being a virus. Next week, I was plagued by ‘the cold’. Now I have that lovely cough that you think is going away, and then you wind up  in a  cough fit where you nearly choke yourself because of the god awful grossness that is lingering in your throat. Ya,  you know what I am talking about … mucous ew. I hate that word. I can honestly say that is the one word that makes me cringe.

Everyone is sick. I feel like everywhere I turn someone has something – pink eye, strep throat, cold, virus, flu, stomach ache, ear infection …. and lately Pneumonia (thank gosh for spell check I struggle with that word)

I work part time at a clinic – a rehab clinic, not a doctors clinic where sick patients come in hopes to be told how to get better. Healthy people come here with aches and pains to have rehab, massages, chiro – not be healed of Pneumonia.

This one dear lady who has rehab 3 times a week due to a car accident – thought it would be a lovely idea to bring her poor 3/4 year old girl who has pneumonia to her NOT NECESSARY rehab appointment. This poor girl is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, coughing, snotting and spewing her very contagious pneumonia germs all over the place. She hadn’t started or had just started her antibiotics. Here I am – still getting over my illness, therefore my immune system isn’t at par – staring at this mother and child like they are the grim reaper. The physicians who were to be treating her were telling her she should really go home – but nope, mom knows best, and she sauntered into the therapy room to have her treatment.

I have never seen my colleagues and I run and sanitize the place so fast before the moment she left.

It’s hard to not spread your germs sometimes. You are most contagious for the first 2-4 days of being sick. And that does include the day or so before you show symptoms. Generally. The work place is hard. You have work to do and if every time you were a little sick you didn’t go to work – the headaches start. You want to go to work, to do your work and not get behind – and well it’s your job! But you don’t want to go to work, because you feel bad if you spread germs to others, and yes I do think “ew stay away from me please” to the people that are sick and I wish they would stay home and keep their germs to themselves. So where is that line as to when you should be at work, and when you should stay home? I know for one thing Pneumonia is hella far across that line. STAY HOME.

I hope I get rid of this annoying cough soon. It would be nice to enjoy time with family and friends and not have them wishing I wasn’t around because they don’t want to get sick. *sigh* and I hope that little girl gets better soon! Pneumonia is not something to joke about.

If anyone reading this is sick – I hope you get better soon!

Tis the season everyone! Stay healthy and enjoy!

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