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My efforts seem useless

Ever feel like when you’re trying your best to do something that you completely over look the task at hand and it winds up causing you more work?
I find I do that with relationships. I’m horrible at explaining what I mean/feel and I get more upset with myself and the person I’m dealing with because I just want them to understand me.
Guess its hard to understand someone who doesn’t even understand themselves.
I wind up in a big hole of a mess and people don’t think I get it, when really I do. They just don’t get I get it because I’m such a mess with emotion. I get more and more upset with myself when I’m fighting with someone. Usually people get more and more angry at the person they are fighting with. Me, it’s the opposite. If its a person I care about then I tend to get more upset because I hate fighting and I hate upsetting people I love. It literally eats away at me.
This is eating away at me. I just don’t know anymore …..


About relatableordebatable

Just an artistic girl expressing life's conundrums and experiences, which hopefully causes one to laugh, think or smile :)

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