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Did you get intrigued by the title? …  How many of you thought I was getting a little provocative?

Well, I wasn’t. Sorry, I will save that for another post. Maybe. 😉

We all have a ‘thing’. A quirk, I suppose you could say. Some have more than 1. But we all have at least 1.

I think I am one of those people that have more than 1. At least my boyfriend would say that, ha-ha.

My biggest quirk – I have this OCD with the number 4 – that’s my thing. Let me explain. For example, when I set my alarm in the morning, you will never see my alarm set for 6:00, 6:15,630 or 6:45. It will be 6:04, 6:16 (yes 16, because I don’t like 14, but I like 16 – I think it’s because 4×4 is 16) 6:24 or 6:44.

Yes, I know – so weird. Feel free to judge and press the un-follow button but believe me – it will be your loss, because usually those weird people tend to have the most interesting things to say.

Aren’t we all a little weird in one way or another? What one person may view as weird, another person would view as normal, therefore we are all weird depending on your perspective of the person and the situation. I am OK with people thinking I am weird. I would rather that than be boring. Having those weird tendencies, those weird characteristics keeps you interesting and people guessing and just wondering what the heck I am thinking or doing. I like that. I like that about me, I like that about other people. I like weird … to a point. Obviously there is a line to how much weirdness I can handle and that line is very different for every single person. Regardless … to each their own.

So there you go – that is my ‘thing’, my quirk … What’s yours? Write your comments below about your quirk, or write it in your blog and link to this so I know. I like hearing about people’s quirks.



Oh Mr. Sun, Please Shine Down on Me!

Winter – ugh. According to scientists and the memories of anyone 20 years and old, this has been the worst winter in 20 years. Now lets just stop for a second and understand what it means to say ‘The Worst’.

Has it been the worst? Or has it been a true winter? I am from Canada, so i will refer to ‘Canadian’ winters.  This has been a stereotypical Canadian winter. To be perfectly honest I think that last few years have been the worst – because there was no winter! This is coming from a sun-loving, summer heat lover, cold weather basher person. I need snow on Christmas and the couple of weeks leading up to and after Christmas. So for me the past few years, winter was the worst. I debated a couple of years ago to go to ice rinks and ‘steal’ the snow from the pile the Zamboni made and lay it out on my front lawn just so I could have a white Christmas. I actually had a few people with trucks lined up ready to go. Then I realized I was a bit crazy.

So has this been the worst winter? We finally had a white Christmas, this summer we may actually out number the bugs in the air and can enjoy walks without getting eaten alive, and our ground water is actually full. As much as I may hate the winter, I understand it’s importance – but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about the cold and crappy driving conditions every single day of winter.

It’s hard to maintain the positive outlook, find the silver lining, or see the summer light at the end of the tunnel, but we need the winter. and it was a GOOD winter in my opinion – not the worst. So look at the bright side, the sunny side, and realize the benefits of the apparent worst winter we just had and now get out and enjoy the warm days ahead!!

Today where I live, it’s going to be sunny and plus 8 – I am trying to not be too gun-ho, but I am debating wearing a sundress… too much too soon??

SOAK UP THE VITAMIN D we have all been lacking people and go for a walk!!!!!!!!


Fail … :s

It has almost been 1 year to the date since I posted. 

So much for having an active blog. Epic fail. 

I am been doing some light reading on blogging – and by light I mean I have pinned about 50 pins to my pinterest board and will eventually read them … some day … one day.

I don’t know why I struggle to write a blog. I enjoy it. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s really not that hard. OK maybe it is. It’s hard to think of things to write that people may find entertaining. That is the goal right? To entertain who ever comes across this blog? Or is it for me to pass the time with something I am enjoying?

Well you can be sure it wasn’t the first one. This is not an entertaining post. Not a reflection of my last posts though, I promise. Check them out – I actually was entertaining then, and I promise I will be again in the future. 

OH and Happy St. Patricks Day!


I haven’t been on here in quite some time … refer back to my 1st blog for a moment …. OK now that you have read that – I am trying to make this one last.

I usually have a million thoughts running through my head. Ideas, witty comments, rants, opinions and various other mashed together thoughts. I have always found it easier to write things out then speak what I am trying to say. When I speak its a jarbled map of unfinished sentences. In writing – it’ just poor grammar. But at least you can refer back to previous comments and some what easily follow the map as to how I got to whatever point I may have got to. That is provided I had a point. Which clearly, this blog doesn’t.

Moving on to much more exciting writing.

I didn’t say this blog would be fantastic. I enjoy writing. It can be fun. Some people say I have a talent when it comes to write (those people did not read this blog entry) I wish I could be better at it though.

I like to think of myself as an artsy person. I took Theatre in college for 2 years and loved it. I danced for about 8 years, I love being artistic, painting things, drawing things, creating things, and most of all. I love photography. But I feel like I am mediocre at best. Some people say I have a talent in all the previous mentioned, just have to develop it. But if you have a talent – shouldn’t it come developed?? I don’t want to work on it to become better- I just want to be good at it. HAHA

I have a busy life, we all do, but I only know my life – so my life is busy. I work two jobs and yes some how manage to somewhat have a social life, as well as ‘Me Time’. During that me time, I have no interest in making my brain work in order to make myself better at my so called talents. But I really wish I did have more time. I would love to take photography classes. I would love to do that as a hobby and maybe get paid a little for producing memorable photos for people. I know that day will come. I work damn hard to make sure that day comes soon.

Time – it’s such a funny thing. there is never enough of it, but I think we just don’t cherish it enough and that’s why it seems so fragile.

Tis the Season …. to be sick

Been a while since I have been on here. Getting busy!! That and I have been sick. Always around this time eh? Who else is sick?

I had what my doctor thought was Strep throat, but wound up being a virus. Next week, I was plagued by ‘the cold’. Now I have that lovely cough that you think is going away, and then you wind up  in a  cough fit where you nearly choke yourself because of the god awful grossness that is lingering in your throat. Ya,  you know what I am talking about … mucous ew. I hate that word. I can honestly say that is the one word that makes me cringe.

Everyone is sick. I feel like everywhere I turn someone has something – pink eye, strep throat, cold, virus, flu, stomach ache, ear infection …. and lately Pneumonia (thank gosh for spell check I struggle with that word)

I work part time at a clinic – a rehab clinic, not a doctors clinic where sick patients come in hopes to be told how to get better. Healthy people come here with aches and pains to have rehab, massages, chiro – not be healed of Pneumonia.

This one dear lady who has rehab 3 times a week due to a car accident – thought it would be a lovely idea to bring her poor 3/4 year old girl who has pneumonia to her NOT NECESSARY rehab appointment. This poor girl is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, coughing, snotting and spewing her very contagious pneumonia germs all over the place. She hadn’t started or had just started her antibiotics. Here I am – still getting over my illness, therefore my immune system isn’t at par – staring at this mother and child like they are the grim reaper. The physicians who were to be treating her were telling her she should really go home – but nope, mom knows best, and she sauntered into the therapy room to have her treatment.

I have never seen my colleagues and I run and sanitize the place so fast before the moment she left.

It’s hard to not spread your germs sometimes. You are most contagious for the first 2-4 days of being sick. And that does include the day or so before you show symptoms. Generally. The work place is hard. You have work to do and if every time you were a little sick you didn’t go to work – the headaches start. You want to go to work, to do your work and not get behind – and well it’s your job! But you don’t want to go to work, because you feel bad if you spread germs to others, and yes I do think “ew stay away from me please” to the people that are sick and I wish they would stay home and keep their germs to themselves. So where is that line as to when you should be at work, and when you should stay home? I know for one thing Pneumonia is hella far across that line. STAY HOME.

I hope I get rid of this annoying cough soon. It would be nice to enjoy time with family and friends and not have them wishing I wasn’t around because they don’t want to get sick. *sigh* and I hope that little girl gets better soon! Pneumonia is not something to joke about.

If anyone reading this is sick – I hope you get better soon!

Tis the season everyone! Stay healthy and enjoy!

Generation Identity Crisis

Every generation is a problem generation. The flappers, the stoners, the hippies, the hard rock, technology kids … and so on. People always complain about the ‘teenagers’ and how they are such a problem and ‘when I was a kid, we never did that, we were never horrible like that.’

Well guess what – you were! Each generation of teenager brings a new ‘horrible’ trend or general characteristic trait. I think now a days, it’s the cyber bullying or ’20yr old’ 12 year olds – you know what I mean by that?  (by the way, I am aware I sound hypocritical in ways but I accept the fact that I, and my generation, had their issues as well. Every generation will complain about the one that followed them.)

First, I will talk about the cyber bullying. I can’t imagine being in high school now with Twitter, and Facebook, Kik, rate me, date me, hate me, …. all those crazy websites that make it so easy to bully another person, and do it anonymously. I know there are sites where you can have people come on and ask you questions, make comments all under ‘Anonymous’ It’s horrible really.

Kids these days  – technology has made it an entirely different war zone out there. When I was a kid – we were never that mean, never cyber bullied by posting tweets and/or comments anonymously … we said it to their damn face!!

It’s sad really how materialistic and dependent these children have become on the world of technology and thoughts of other people. They have accounts everywhere and are determined to get the most likes, comments, followers, friends,…..whatever it may be. From their status updates about their relationships, their ‘fat’ day pictures, to my all-time favourite – the album dedicated to themselves consisting of self pics in their bathroom mirror.  (that being said, I am guilty of posting oneself picture in front of my beautiful backdrop of a shower curtain – but people wanted to see my Halloween costume, so it’s a legit excuse right?!)

It makes me sad to see these 12-18 year olds looking and acting like they are 20+. I know for a fact in the region I live in, there are 4 (probably more) bars that I refuse to go to because they are littered with high schoolers with fake ID’s thinking they are the coolest people ever …. until they are face planted in their own vomit because they are just can’t handle the booze! Or getting an STD from the dirty man who always has his movember stash neatly combed year round.

I can honestly say, I used a fake ID once in my life and it was the day before my 19th birthday. My best friend’s birthday is the day before mine, and we were the last of our group to turn the big 19! And don’t get me wrong, I partied before then and after that. I had my fill and I still enjoy a night out or two.

People want to grow up way too fast! WHY? Growing up definitely has it’s advantages but trust me – there is no nap time when you are older! Life is hard when your a highschooler – because of drama, just stay out of it. Life is hard when your older because of debt, responsibility, children, etc. You can’t get out of all that as easily as you can get out of the high school drama. So enjoy it while you can.

Before I wrap up my little rant, I will tell one last story.

I bought a top, a very nice top that wasn’t too tight, but hugged my curves in a sophisticated way. Nice scoop neck that left more for the imagination than most ‘bar’ shirts but still gave a hint of what was in store. It was classy, sexy and sophisticated. I paired it with some jeans and boots and I looked pretty darn good I think. This top went just past my butt cheeks and the lady at the store complimented it (and she wasn’t on commission) and it even looked great on the manikin. A little while later I was at the bar, having a beer or two with some friends and when I turned around there was a girl who I seriously doubted was 19, wearing the exact same top as me – AS A DRESS!! I so badly wanted to shut this girl down but I think her butt cheek smile said it all. I simply shook my head and walked away, praying for her dignity and self-respect to kick in soon – and that she would fall over and leave nothing to the imagination because I highly doubt she was wearing any underwear.

I really wish I could smack kids these days and teach them to have better self-respect (boys included). But all I can do is shake my head and walk away and know that when they are my age, they will understand (hopefully) and will probably be bitching about how horrible teenagers are and they were never like that….. -_-

For the record – I am 26 and as a teenager I was never like that 🙂 Although I did cause my parents grief with my attitude for about 2 years of high school. My generation – we weren’t perfect either (some of us still aren’t)

So before you bitch and complain about how horrible teenagers are, just stop and think about what you were like. Then just shake your head and walk away.

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